Toppy – Sequence Of Thoughts EP (LuPSRec 031)

One of Bulgarian best kept secrets in todays progressive house music returns to LuPS. Toppy comes up with a solid 2 track EP called Sequence Of Thoughts.

The Original version of Sequence Of Thoughts is once again a true type Toppy track. A laidback crispy groove and a delicious deep growling baseline are combined here with breathing eerie pads and melodies. The Original is just a gorgeous and perfect track for a chilling seaside adventure.

The remix by upcoming Argentian producer Guido Percich dives even deeper into sound. A kind of very cool 4 to the floor breakbeat groove is pushing this version forwards. Together with new added melodylines this remix is a perfect warm up tune and a version to keep an eye on.

Labelboss Jacco@Work made a more dancefloor orientated version. This remix contains a more energy and driving vibe but everything has been mixed up with the dreamy feel on the original. A steady pounding groove and a new baseline are the backbone of this remix. Some new arped synthlines are added and together with some acidic sounds this clever version will find it’s way for sure in several warm up sets.

The other original track of this EP is called Living Box. Once again Toppy shows his superb talent for producing tracks that touches your soul. A deep warm baseline just gives this track it’s depth. On top of it you’ll find fine and fragile melodielines and some crispy laidback percussion and beats. Without a doubt, we at LuPS trully think that Living Box is one of Toppy’s most breathtaking tracks and for sure this gifted talent will find it’s way into today’s musicindustry.

First remix of Living Box comes from another kept secret from Hungaria called Yura. His recently well received EP on LuPS (028) already showed his unique blend of progressive, tech house, italo and trance. Well this remix is no exception. Once again Yura created a very danceable remix with the good old Italo flavour. A steady baseline combined with crispy percussion is pushing this remix forward. Some fine effects are topping it all off.

Last remix comes from Fernando Ferreyra. Well this guy needs no introduction. The beats in this remix do have a lot of life and that might be just the secrect why this remix does its work so good on the dancefloor. On top of these beats Fernando managed to lay a carpet of superb blended spaced and phased out synthlines that just evokes a hands in the air exstacy feeling. A sure shot!

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