Toppy – Own Time EP (MIST090)

July Moon

July Moon is a groovy, in-your-face grinder. This one has a dark as hell bassline over a nice trippy, catchy rhythm. Toppy also uses some soft melo dic synths that fit onto the track just perfectly.


Next up is a track that is designed (I think) to be a big room filler. Some lovely bass stabs give the track it’s edge, along with the rolling bassline that soon joins in. Some faint, soft harmonies then take us to the edge where we are soon thrust into an array of lovely melody. This track also has a bit of an old school flavour somewhat.

Own Time

Another track that has a catchy, trippy style rhythm. The rolling, thundery bassline is again present with a slight twist on the melody this time. It’s a deeper more electric sound than that of Ladybird, but sounds equally as good.

Promise Me

A lovely, summery edged one to end on, this track takes in a few of the elements from the previous 3 and rolls them into one hell of a track. Almost got a piano/acoustic guitar sound going on in the track, which is just perfect for those end of summer vibes.

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