Toppy – Sea Horizon EP [LuPSRec 027]

After several remixes and one Original on a Various Artists album Toppy returns to LuPS with a stunning and classic progresisve track called Sea Horizon.

The Original is true type Toppy track. Crispy beats, a deep resonating baseline, dreamy lushy soundscapes and a catchy hookline is what this makes this track a fine little gem in a warming up set.

Both Peres remixes are somewhat close to the original but they both are containing a steady pounding danceable groove. Also these two versions are ver usefull in a warming up set.

The third remix comes from Andrew Johnson. And well what has he done? This remix takes you back to the early 90′s when music was just made for dancing and raving. Andrew his remix contains a magnificent drive, some wicked fx’s in the break and of course that Juno saw baseline that goes up an down.
This is English old school raving stuff to he max!

The 4th remix comes from Hungarian talent East Cafe. He turned the original version into a very danceable, groovy and steamy track.
A big fat baseline stab does most of the work here. It gives this track it’s depth and power together with all the spacey layers this remix is just one big fantasy ride. A must have.

The last remix comes from a new Bulgarian and very talented duo called D-Trax and Salio. These young rookies surely know how to make tracks. Steady pumping beats and percussion, a irresitable baseline and catchy synthstabs are just doing their thing so well that you only can come to one conclusion. This track has been made for only one purpose and that is fire on the dancefloor! Without a doubt we here at LuPS trully believe that these guys are paving themselves a prosperous musical future.

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